NoiseAngriff16 – Wednesday Oct. 3rd

Autumn begins with noisy drones =)

Amboss (Restroom rec./SubVersion) noise-drone liveset/

Re:Not /liveset/ Plastic To Finger Making Artificial Things /live with diy-synths/

Big Numbers /audiovisual set/

resident djs: fgnugn, Crash 0.1

Aikia (
Vippsgrädde (

entry on donation

It is meant to be an “early” night (by Berlin standards), meaning that we will go till one or two and then it will depend on the audience, the bar staff as well as ourselves if we carry on and make it a late one after all.

Incl. Praxis Record stall!
check and pick up your order at the party where you can also browse through and listen to a selection of our stock!

Rigaer Str 103
10247 Berlin