NoᴉseBegrᴉff – Occasional Assaults #1 30.3.2016 @ Vétomat


Wer A sagt muss auch B sagen:

NoᴉseBegrᴉff – Occasional Assaults #1

Strategies of interference, aural interventions, anti-spectacular ruses, musical deprogramming, sonic deconditioning: Towards a definition of noise.
No exercise of power, no representation, no social silence produced by the repetitive machine: With noise is born disorder and its opposite – the world.

Breakcore – Experimental Hardcore – Noise – Digital Hardcore & More


Rotating DJ-Table:
Christoph Fringeli

Sound by Cyberrise

This time at Vétomat

Scharnweberstraße 35, 10247 Berlin

from 20:00: Vokü/ Küfa


for more info:

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