Welcome to NoiseAngriff!

NoiseAngriff is a new night taking place every first and third wednesday of the month.
The first wednesday is hosted by fgnugn and Crash 0.1 with a focus on experimental noise and soundscapes, the third wednesday of the month is hosted by Tekamin and Praxis and brings you cutting edge experimental beats and breakcore.

The story so far:

The line up for the opening night on January 18:
Fobia (Seven Samurai Records)
Zombieflesheater (Hirntrust, Sonic Belligeranza)
Christoph Fringeli (Praxis, Datacide)
Tekamin (a_sound)

The line up for February 1:

The second installment of NoiseAngriff was hosted by fgnugn and crash
0.1 on the decks,making vinyl noises,

Plus special guests:
Hippy Holocaust (disperate soundtrack on apocalyptic movie)
Dr. John Dee (noise/experimental liveset)

further occult investigations on noise alchemy will happen in the later hours

Plus: Stall by Praxis Records!


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